Camp Markham is going virtual & in-person 2022

With each child’s uniqueness and individuality, we have three different camps to offer them based on what they’re looking for during the summer. Our main camp program is the Smart Camp, which combines all the major elements of our camp including engaging academics, thought-stimulating workshops, exciting athletics and adventurous field trips! If your child is of pre-school age, they would be well-suited to join our young campers program, the Pre-School Camp. Looking for academic preparation during the summer but don’t have enough time for a full day of camp? Look no further, our Math & English Camp will help your child be prepared for the upcoming school semester and give them the Smart Advantage. Our camps are offered at various locations across York Region. Combine our vast locations with our dedicated staff and your child will have an unforgettable summer experience!

3 Different Types of Camp

Smart Camp (G1-G6)

Intensive Camp (G1-G8) 9:00-11:45

1-on-1 Tutoring (G1-G10)